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Trimona Bulgarian Yogurt – финалист на конкурса American Made

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trimona_yogurtБългарското кисело мляко Trimona Yogurt, произведено от Атанас Вълев в планините на Ню Йорк, участва в конкурса на Марта Стюарт American Made и е финалист!

Нека помогнем на българския продукт да спечели!

Онлайн гласуването ще започне на 15-и септември и ще завърши на 14-и октомври. Победителите ще бъдат обявени на 17-и октомври.

Гласуването става на сайта http://www.marthastewart.com/americanmade/nominee/94156/food/trimona-foods-inc.trimona-bulgarian-yogurt

Благодарим предварително за подкрепата и желаем успех на Тримона!


Любомира Георгиева,

Посолство на Р. България във Вашингтон


Trimona Bulgarian Yogurt – The Yogurt Renaissance


Производителят на българското кисело мляко Trimona Атанас Вътев. Снимка: Мarthastewart.com

Производителят на българското кисело мляко Trimona Атанас Вътев. Снимка: Мarthastewart.com

PORT JEFFERSON, NY – We’re inviting you to try something special; we call it the Yogurt Renaissance.

There’s a battle waging in your local dairy aisle – a battle of protein, probiotics, and taste. The Greek yogurt giants are fighting it out over who’s the best. If you can ignore the noise, you’ll see a quiet, lesser-known yogurt that’s healthier. In fact, this yogurt has been a dietary staple for thousands of years. We can call it the underdog or hidden gem of yogurts, but it has always been Bulgarian yogurt. Savvy shoppers are finally realizing its wonders. It’s a yogurt without the sugar, without anything added, and without anything removed. In fact, the ancients called it a “miracle food.”

Yogurt was actually invented in Bulgaria. And here’s a little secret – Bulgarians live for a long time…about 100 years. Why? Well, one Nobel Prize winning scientist, Eli Metchnikoff, says it’s because of their yogurt. The special live culture within their yogurt is what‘s essential to the yogurt-making process. Named after Bulgaria, the culture is coined “Lactobacillus Bulgaricus,” and was discovered by Bulgarian microbiologist Dr. Stamen Grigorov in 1905. Custom-selected strains of this culture are what create its distinctive tangy taste and homemade-yogurt aroma.

One New York Company is bringing back what the Old World ate – Trimona Bulgarian Yogurt. Trimona pride themselves on a couple of things:

Organic: No chemicals, artificial hormones, antibiotics, or GMO’s
Grass fed: Cows graze in their natural habitat without being fed grains, corn, and supplements
Good fats: Grass-fed cows make milk with the ideal 1:1 ratio of Omega3 and Omega6, also containing CLA. Studies show that CLA can lower your risk for heart attack, has anti-cancer properties, and improves bone mass
Vitamins: Trimona’s milk fat contains the fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E. By choosing a low-fat or non-fat yogurt, you miss out on those vitamins
Whey: Not strained, the whey left in Trimona is rich in minerals. Discarding the whey means eliminating minerals such as Calcium
Lactose: So low in this naturally occurring milk sugar, lactose intolerant consumers have safely eaten Trimona
Gluten free: No wheat, no gluten. Suitable for those with Celiac Disease
Casein: Trimona yogurt is very low in A1beta-casein, the milk protein that triggers allergies and causes discomfort. Trimona uses predominantly Jersey and Guernsey cows, which are high in A2 beta-casein. Apart from being safe and nutritious, A2 beta-casein has no known negative effects on human health.


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