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l_balkanicus-institute-for-balkan-art-culture-and-history7985038-1414803775.1737 In the next few days we need your help. We ask you to donate to Balkanicus Institute for Balkan Art, Culture and History (BIBACH).
Please support us in introducing and celebrating the unique Balkan cultures in Minnesota!
Give to the Max Day is November 13th, 2014.

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When scientists typically evaluate human genetic history, they incorporate hypothetical deep-time scales taken from evolutionary paleontology to calibrate their models of DNA change over time. In other words, they assume millions of years and literally build deep time into their models. In contrast, these new studies use demographic models of human populations over known historical time and geographical space. The resulting data showed a very recent, massive burst of human genetic diversification—mostly associated with genetic entropy. One author stated, “The maximum likelihood time for accelerated growth was 5,115 years ago.”

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Good research always leads to more questions, and we told you last April about some of the new areas we’re investigating in addition to our original four questions. Since then, I’ve discovered a novel answer to one of these questions, and the success of this genetic argument for recent creation has led to preliminary answers for the remaining questions of species’ post-Flood geography, the mechanism of post-Flood speciation, and post-Flood extinction. I’ll be presenting my initial findings on these topics at the CRS meeting as well.

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The Association of Free Speech “Anna Politkovskaya” (AFSAP) urges the Court to not extradite Koblyakov and put him in the hands of the criminal Putin regime and insists he be placed under house arrest.

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When you love what you do for work, it doesn’t feel much like work. When you focus your attention on something that elicits the best of your abilities and puts you at the center of an inspiring, innovative community… that sounds more like fun. When that something has the potential to help countless individuals in a meaningful way—and the idea was born out of your very own head—that’s called “living the dream.” Perhaps that’s why bright-eyed, Salt Lake City-raised, Bulgarian MIT dropout and Thiel Fellow Delian Asparouhov smiles so often.

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In celebration of today’s Boston Marathon, we’re sharing the dramatic story of the first woman to officially run the historic race. Kathrine Switzer’s experience is a revealing illustration of the barriers that trailblazing women athletes had to overcome and of how far girls and women in sports have come in only a few decades.

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John Kerry: On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I send best wishes to all Bulgarians as you celebrate National Day on March 3.

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Neighborhood Reports are built from the largest database of neighborhood statistics available today. See Top 100 Safest and Top 100 Most Dangerous Cities plus Top 100 Best and Worst Performing Public Schools

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[27 февр. 2014 | 3 коментара | ]

As we mark the 65th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights this year, the Country Reports on Human Rights Practices highlight the continued pursuit of “free and equal dignity in human rights” in every corner of the world. Based on factual reporting from our embassies and posts abroad, these Congressionally mandated reports chronicle human rights conditions in almost 200 countries and territories. The Republic of Bulgaria…

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For over 100 years, skeptics have been charging the Bible with a “camel anachronism,” using assertions that many conservative scholars have thoroughly addressed.5,6 However, in their eagerness to find error, these latest accusers have committed a logical fallacy and ignored other archaeological data. Camels in Genesis do not constitute a Bible error, despite the media hype.

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My name is Maria Spirova. In January, through euronews’s Global Conversation programme, I met a 16-year old Ukrainian called Timur from Kiev. Together we conversed with Viviane Reding online and Timur asked his almost prophetic questions about the EU’s stance on the situation in Ukraine.
I dedicate this open letter to him, and to all Ukrainians feeling that special Eastern European desperation which can be produced only by chasing the democratic ideal for quarter of a century only to arrive at a riot police cordon.