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To The International Criminal Court, Office of the Prosecutor

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Ianko N. Iankov-Velyovski

Ianko N. Iankov-Velyovski

In addition to the signals sent to the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Ianko N.Iankov-Velyovski provides new data on criminal genocidal attacks against the population of Bulgaria carried out by state authorities of Bulgaria and other countries through the actions of their officials in complicity with international banking institutions.

To The International Criminal Court
Office of the Prosecutor

P.O. Box 19519
2500 CM, The Hague,
The Netherlands

To: the documentation dated and sent on August 8, 2012
To: the documentation dated and sent on August 16, 2012

To Boris Velchev –
grand son and son of world known communist criminals,
recruited on homosexual basis agent of communist secret police
and of post-communist NSS and DANS,
CRIMINAL low hierarchy
PUPPET state’s powered servant
of the Bulgarian clan of Russian Red Mafia and of Bulgarian
PARAMILITARY cop-mafia’s political regime,
executing the service of Chief Prosecutor of Bulgaria
Sofia Court Palace,
blvd. „Vitosha“ No.2, 1000 Sofia

To: „All cards on the table and responsibility for the crimes executed by the special state services and the prosecutor’s office” – 61-A (Sixty One-A),

ВКП № 25707/2006, ІІ

Тo Boyko Borisov –
notorious mafia criminal,
Acting Prime Minister
of consecutive criminal Government
of Bulgarian communist and post-communist PARAMILITARY
cop-mafia’s political regime,
one of the institutionally and personally responsible
for perpetrated on me
drastically crippling assault
(having the nature of an attempted murder),
about the preparation of which he has been previously and officially warned
by means of duly registered written text

Council of Ministers (CoM), „Kniaz Dondukov“ №1, 1000 (1194) Sofia
To: (Personal) ent. №4379/2003 to 2012

To: Their Excellencies the Ambassadors of:

01. Austria – „Shipka“, № 4, 1000 (1087) Sofia

02. Belgium – Boulevard „James Bourchier“ № 103, 1407 Sofia

03. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland –
„Moskovska“ № 9, Sofia 1000

04. Federal Republic of Germany –
Street „Frederic Joliot-Curie“, № 25, 1113 (1087) Sofia

05. Denmark – „Kniaz Dondukov“ № 54 1000 (1504) Sofia

06. European Commission in Bulgaria –
„Moskovska“ № 9, 1st floor, 1000 Sofia

07. Republic of Ireland – „Bacho Kiro“ 26, Sofia 1000

08. Spain – „Sheinovo“ № 27, 1504 (1087) Sofia

09. Republic of Italy – „Shipka“ № 2, 1000 (1087) Sofia

10. Liechtenstein – „Shipka“ № 33, 1000 (1087, 1504) Sofia
(By: His Excellency the Ambassador of Switzerland, representing the interests of the Principality of Liechtenstein in Bulgaria)

11. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg – „Oborishte“ № 15, 1000 (1504) Sofia
(By: His Excellency Ambassador of the Netherlands, representing the political interests of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Bulgaria)

12. Norway – „Kniaz Dondukov“ № 54c, 1000 Sofia

13. Republic of Portugal – Street „Positano“ № 7, Bl. 3, 5th floor, 1000 Sofia

14. Federal Constitutional Republic United States (U.S.) –
Street „Kozyak“ № 16, 1407 Sofia

15. Republic of France – „Oborishte“ № 27-29, 1504 (1087) Sofia

16. Netherlands – „Oborishte“ № 15, 1000 (1504) Sofia

17. Swiss – „Shipka“ № 33, 1000 (1087, 1504) Sofia

18. Sweden – Address: „Alfred Nobel“ № 4, 1113 (1087) Sofia

As the Bulgarian’s addressee undoubtedly know very well,
as early as May 10, 2006 I dated and on May 11, 2006 I registered in the office of the Chief Prosecutor my first “Complaint” on the case “Sofia Water”,
and since then has not been released and I’m not received a so-called “final act” that I can use to turn to protect my rights at European and international human rights institutions.

As undoubtedly the Bulgarian’s addressee know very well,
on June 27, 2012 I officially registered text entitled “All cards on the table and responsibility for the crimes of particular public services, the Prosecutor’s Office of the Court, the government and other state institutions! – 514 (five hundred and fourteen). ”

As you undoubtedly know very well, this text contains the following my expressive and explicit statement:

“I specify voluminous documentation which is properly registered at the offices of the Prosecution system;

I attach 152 (one hundred fifty-two) copied pages of that duly registered in the Prosecution system documentation,

on which documentation Bulgarian Prosecutor System simply has not acted in accordance with the principles and norms of the Law and the Bill,

but even openly and brazenly has demonstrated their belonging to particular criminal mafia players.

It should be pointed out here that the targeted case is marked “case” Sofia water ” and is duly registered in the Prosecution System.

I clarify that envisaged documentation is showing that repeatedly, explicitly, clearly and categorically I wrote that I insist on most strict compliance with the rules and principles of European and Bulgarian Law!”


As you undoubtedly know very well from the shown and attached documentation,

it is about brutal criminal violations of the rights of all capital (Sofian) subscribers of the company “Sofia water” who,

enforced by criminal way and genocidal strategic considerations are robbed with
more than 1,300,000,000 (one billion three hundred million) Lev,

which is equivalent to more than half a billion Euros!


Strictly considered the legal case is simple enough:

First: In 1998 the Sofia Municipality has announced an international tender for the concession of municipal company for water supply and sanitation activities;

Second: As the Minister of Interior officially declared that the procedure is corrupt, he was immediately removed and a new minister was appointed;

Third: In October 2000 entered into force a so-called “concession agreement” concluded between Sofia Municipality and the British consortium “International Water Limited”, in connection with which was created shareholder’s company “Sofia water”, which took over operation of water and wastewater activities in Sofia;

Fourth: Because then began series of public scandals, the Parliamentary Anti-Corruption Commission made a formal finding that the concession contract is corruptive;

Fifth: Meanwhile the British company received from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development extremely colossal bank loan intended for investment –

in which, however, none of these lev money was not invested in investment activity,

but more than half of the money was immediately transferred abroad,

and the remaining money was given to the Bulgarian mafia political and state elites;

Sixth: The media reported that the so called “Concessionaire” who, in fact, from a legal point of view does not have this quality,

separately from that used a number of other financial mafia tricks and techniques to defraud the “indigenous” Sofia’s population, resulting in a totally criminal,

separately from referred to above money gets dizzy in their dimensions cash;

Seventh: Because while I myself undertook intensive file submitting to the Prosecutors’ Office for investigation of corrupt activities envisaged,

in criminal repressive response to my civil and human rights behavior

in broad daylight, on 21 June 2010, just before the cameras at the entrance of the Sofia Palace of Justice, I was attacked by two people who obviously demonstratively were intended to hit me on the head and kill me;

since, however, I’m just moved three or four centimeters, I was hit on the shoulder (with combat metal object – nunchaku), which was broken in five places, so by the will of the fortuity the intention for my murder was replaced by mutilation ;

The Prosecutors had never taken anything in connection with my numerous requests to investigate.

Eight: Take notice that:

* In a civil society, a society which is part of the European civil community

can not and should not be allowed water to be an instrument of pressure and genocidal plundering of the population actually treated as “native population”;

* because anyway is not created and does not exist “Water Tribunal”, this function should be performed by The Hague Tribunal;

* In 2003 the Washington-based International Consortium of Investigative Journalism was announced that, in many countries, “the coronation of water barons” was implemented by local governments through the World Bank and regional institutions,

who undoubtedly knew very well and know that it comes to finance genocidal criminal activity;

and in fact precisely for accomplishing of this activity they gave and continue to leave huge fake concessional loans,

subsequently included in the price of water,

thus lending banks are used as a financial tool to violent pressure on the local population,

which population is forced by institutions of the state and the mafia to repay (to pay) these loans;

* prior to more than two decades, a number of prominent European and world leaders and experts explicitly and clearly formulated idea that one form of modern genocide is the seizure of population communities water resources who by military, paramilitary and mafia groups forcibly are treated as “indigenous communities”.


With this my official signal applied here I send to the referred addressee a new package of documentary descriptions of the type of criminal genocidal attacks on the Bulgarian population;

this package contains (consists of)

163 pages of documentation.

In this I specify that all texts referred to here as documentation contains texts issued by me in a book that has the following bibliographic parameters:

Ianko Iankov, Sofia water and genocide on Sofians (Documentary), Ianus Publising House, Sofia, 2012, ISBN: 978-954-8550-82-6, size 70 x 100 x 16 (large format), 217 c.;

Should be pointed out also that after the completion of the procedure adopted here to search for criminal prosecution of criminals I will do a new edition of the book, in which will be reflected your proceedings on the case and decision, which you will issue or refuse to issue.


With the above I urge The Honorable Prosecutor of The International Criminal Court in The Hague to take the necessary steps to launch criminal proceedings against the Bulgarian state and its responsible officials.

However, I am addressing myself to you not because I do trust the former and the current state of justice in Bulgaria, Europe and the world, but because I hope one day, in the future, to have Justice.

August 20th, 2012 Ianko Iankov N.

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