4 thoughts on “Виктор Хинов: Отворено писмо до Джеф Безос

  1. Не. Американската демокрация не деградира. Тя е уродливо родена. Прокламирането на хуманни ценности, които се основават върху излишеството на материални блага е само по себе си двулично, изпълнено с неолиберална демагогия.

    Затова Безос е свалил твоята книга от сайта си. Защото не му носи достатъчно печалба. Не знам какви са условията на Амазон и какво разбира под „насилие“, но подозирам, че главното условие е нетния приход и най-вече неговия размер.

    Дано малките, но горди народи, като нас българите не са обречени на изчезване, само защото не са икономически интересни за „великите“ нации!

  2. Dear Amazon,

    As a Bulgarian who has frequently used your services in the past, I feel personally offended by your decision.

    I am aware that Amazon is one of the companies which push for more diversity and inclusion. To deny an entire people access to their culture is considered a limitation of said diversity, not an action of its support.

    I can understand where you stand from. Bulgarians are Caucasian, and many companies try to support representatives of other races. But Bulgarians are a small people, roughly 13-14 million across the world, and our language is slowly dying, due to less people speaking it every year and those who can, are denied access to books in it. Which means that due to your actions you actually support its dying.

    When I was in the United States Naval Academy, my colleagues and I were encouraged to learn „exotic“ languages, which were considered such due to their different alphabet and lexical and grammatical structures. Russian was one of them, even though hundreds of millions speak it. Not only is Bulgarian an exotic language, but as I already said, it is dying. Many scholars consider Swahili to be a dying language, and there are 7 times more people speaking it (~82 million) than those who speak Bulgarian (~13-14 million).

    Amazon has always put its book sales at the front – after all, it was book sales that started the company in first place. I can assure you that if you encourage the sales of books in languages different from the established global ones you will not only make a great PR move, but will also be considered for a number of humanitarian awards as an active preserver of the cultural diversity of the world.

    I am writing this letter in English, because I understood from very little that it is important to know more languages in order to make sure that my voice is heard. That being said, my knowledge of English has never been expanded at the expense of my Bulgarian, because I know how important it is to preserve a thousand-year-old language for the future generations.

    I hope you come to your senses. Until then, I wish to you, „Бъдете здрави и щастливи“, which is a Bulgarian expression used as a farewell, wishing happiness and robust health to the person whom it is given.

  3. Dear Amazon Kindle,
    Consider supporting all languages without discrimination.

  4. От десетки години вече наблюдавам, как прословутата американска демокрация изтича в канала! За последната година и половина е настъпила такава ужасна духовна деградация в САЩ и Западна Европа, че Изтока ми се вижда като оазис пред сриващия се свят на капитала….!
    Колкото до Джеф и неговият „Амазон“ смятам, че след свалянето на българските книги ще започне да губи! След като загуби късмета си, ще започне да губи пари, власт и всичко останало!

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