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WeMove.EU: Save the climate!

2017.06.01 Няма коментари
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Yesterday media from all over the world reported that Donald Trump will withdraw the United States from the landmark Paris climate Agreement.

If it proves true, our leaders will surely come forward in the next days to make their statements of continued commitment to stop climate change, while doing little if anything at all. Others will lament Trump’s move as an end of the world as we know it. And we’re mobilising for action.

It’s simple: Europe needs to pick up the slack, NOW. And it can. In just a couple of weeks the European Parliament (EP) will hold a vote on Europe’s key law which will define our climate action until 2030, and set binding national targets for limiting CO2 emissions. The Parliamentarians recently proposed important improvements which go some way towards ensuring that the EU meets its commitments made under the Paris Agreement. But as the Parliament votes on the proposed regulation, they need to know: in Trump’s world, just doing the bare minimum is no longer an option. We need to do the best we can.

We need your voice today to channel the outrage over Trump into real change for Europe and the world. We will bring our petition to the leaders of Parliament’s political groups and ask them not just for a public announcements to stand up for our climate, but to take concrete action: Support the strongest possible regulation in the upcoming vote. We’ll make sure they know: We are happy for your words, but action is what really counts!

We need your signature now: please sign!

Sign here to demand climate action

The Paris climate deal adopted in December 2015 is the most important international tool we have to fight climate change and prevent the catastrophe it would cause to our health, agriculture, environment, and indeed our civilisation.

Trump is the only significant leader today who continues to publicly indulge in the delusion that man-made climate-change is not real. His decision to pull the US out of the agreement will see America join the exclusive club of the only two other countries in the world not party to the crucial deal: Syria and Nicaragua. Yes, it’s a heavy blow. But no, it’s not the end.

We have survived much worse than Trump, and his era will come to an end. Clean energy is already taking over fossil fuels everywhere in the world. But we cannot wait to act to limit our destructive impact on the climate – the window of opportunity to prevent the worst impacts of climate change is closing fast. So we need Europe to finally be the real climate leader it claims to be – and do more, to close the gap caused by the US leaving the Paris Agreement.

We will make sure our parliamentarians know that the upcoming vote on the EU’s emission reduction targets might be the most important one of their careers. It’s the one they will be remembered for: either as the people who stood up for all the generations to come, or who failed Europe and the world with short-sightedness and cowardice.

Just last month the WeMove community has shown what we can really do when we come together. We helped push our leaders to adopt a new regulation which will cause the most polluting coal power stations in the EU to either modernise or close down for business. We acted across borders for a common cause – a cleaner air and healthier climate, and the regulation was passed by a margin of 0.14%!

Today we need this power again. Show Trump that we care: but not necessarily about him! Join us with your voice now, and take action for the climate!

Add your voice to our demand for climate action

Thank you,


WeMove.EU team


* WeMove.EU is a citizens’ movement, campaigning for a better Europe; for a European Union committed to social and economic justice, environmental sustainability and citizen-led democracy. We are people from all walks of life, who call Europe our home whether we were born in Europe or elsewhere.

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