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God, Energy, Light, Matter, or Again for the Hypothetical Nature of Scientific Theories

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More than thirty years ago, my son Vladimir, then an eighteen-year-old graduate, reading “Einstein for Beginners,” was impressed by the classic formula
E = m.c2,
where “E” means “energy“, “m” – “mass“, and “c” – “speed” (of light).

His inherent logical thought suggested to him that if energy is equal to the mass of light velocity, it should be possible to convert that equality in such a way that
M = ε / c2,
which means that the mass will be equal to the energy divided by the square of the velocity of light.

However, due to the immense (contemporary) speed of light (299,792,458 m/s), the amount of mass in its carriers (photons) will be negligible; but if somehow it becomes possible to slow down to the order of millimeters per second or to completely stop, it will result in the transformation of light into matter …

… Which happened in less than two decades ago:

Danish physicist Lene Vestergaard Hau from Harvard University has succeeded in slowing down the speed of light (1999), stopping it, turning it into matter and re-transforming the same matter into light (2001)!


Following Vladimir’s logical model, we can postulate, respectively, that


Which means that the speed (of light) is the result of the ratio of energy to matter – the higher the energy, the higher the speed and the smaller the mass.

According to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, any system left without an external power supply degrades. This also applies to light: the measurements made since 1848 indicate that there is a slowdown in its speed (something like “fatigue of light” – the longer the light travels, that is, the photon, its speed decreases).

Here Einstein is not quite accurate, accepting “c” for a constant, unchangeable in time, magnitude. The extrapolation in the past will offer a rethinking and perceiving conception of the billions of years of existence of the universe, of the light years between the stars, galaxies, galactic clusters, etc. (if and to the extent that they exist and are found in the future).

Assuming that a few thousand years ago the speed of light was many times higher, the vast cosmic distances throwing our anthropocentric consciousness into superstitious confusion would be covered by it for days, hours, minutes, and why not – instantly?

By the way, the last assumption is already confirmed by the contemporary science: the phenomenon of twin photons, reacting in the same way without regard to the distances that separate them.

The assumption that the speed of light is not a constant, but a time degrading, leads to the logical conclusion of the presence of an even more powerful energy, corresponding to an infinitely small mass, respectively. Matter – so small that it is practically inaccurate for measurement.

As a result, there is a vector:
– huge energy (“E“)
– infinite light velocity (“c + ∞”),
– null – to minus infinity – table (“m-∞”).
“1. In the beginning God [AO] * created Heaven and Earth. (…)

3. And God said, Let there be light! And it became a light. ”

Here is how only in two verses The Scripture encodes God’s wisdom of Creation. The Creator (God) of the Universe (“Heaven“) and our special planet (“Earth“) provided the relevant information (“And God Said“) to convert the light into light, and part of the “Be light and become light“).

In vain, scientists seek to find the missing “dark matter,” measured several times above the known mass of the visible universe. It just does not exist. Or, straightforward – it is not matter but energy. With this energy, unlike anything known to date in the material world.

In this aspect it is not excluded that the theory of the so-called “black holes” to undergo total change. The fact of their placement in the centers of the galaxies may be the unit linking the predominant energy universe with the material universe it generates.

So, the phenomenon “black hole” may be a factor that generates rather than devours a star mass.

Here the vector is inverse:
– enormous energy (“E∞“),
– null (but not zero!) light velocity “c-∞“,
– occurrence of matter (“m“).
* AO – Alpha and Omega are the first letters in the Greek alphabet to record The New Testament, according to which Jesus Christ is “Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last(Revelation 22:13).
The fourth word in the Old Testamentalef-taf – consists of the first and last letter of the Hebrew Aleph and Tav (read from the right to the left, not translated into any other language). I.e., the first verse of the Bible (Genesis 1: 1) actually states: “1. In the beginning, God the Son created Heaven and Earth“! (This interpretation was first provided by Steven Kennard of Austin, Texas).


Nikolay Goussev



Postscriptum. And here is the original commentary of the Bachelor of  Theology  (2007) of the Vision International University at Ramona, California:

“The year was 1985. I bought the book “Einstein for Beginners” from Slaveikov Square in Sofia, capital of Bulgaria. I read it and a strong impression made me the formula E = m.c2. Energy, mass and square velocity.

In mathematics and physics I was not among the most prominent, but I have always felt that the Creator has given me the ability to make associations with seemingly quite different things in nature and content. As well as associative thinking. To make a connection between an ant and a nuclear submarine, which at first glance can not have anything to do with their different nature, is not a problem to me.

In 1995 I joined the Evangelical Church and accepted God in my heart. One month later, I fell into a deep depression that lasted for five years. Praying God and looking for a way out of the situation, I called His peace and deepened in God’s Word – The Bible.

One morning I came to First John 1: 5b, and I read, “… God is light, and there is no darkness in Him.” It was a revelation I had not thought of before. I asked myself, and what was the light? Scientists have already agreed that it is both energy, both wave and matter. According to the old physics textbook, light is directed movement of photons. There is movement that shows that there is speed; and once there is speed, the object moving in the space also has a weight; and if there is a weight, then it is tangible.

For the ordinary human eye it is an invisible matter, but according to The Bible, “the visible to the human eyes is not made of visible things” (Hebrews 11: 3). In Deuteronomy 29:29 God  says, “(…) The hidden thing belongs to the Lord our God, and the open belongs to us and our children forever, in order to fulfill all the words of this law.”

From my childhood I have wondered how God has in fact created the material world and the whole material universe. Let’s look at things in turn.

There is a vast, colossal universe where Earth’s time does not, in principle, play a significant role. Earthly time applies to us here and now, but it can not affect infinity and eternity in any way.

We have a Creator who emanates light 24 hours from the anthropocentric point of view. Some will object that He radiates spiritual light. But God’s Word is universal and should be understood not only in spiritual but also in material aspect – It is valid for all dimensions.

So there is space, light, speed and energy. In order to move a material body, it needs energy. It may be transformed or rendered primordial. If in Earth conditions we try to apply Einstein’s formula in reverse order, that is, E: c2 = m, we will not get anything, as vacuum and cosmic cold of -273C are needed. But if we can recreate the cosmic conditions and reduce the speed of light to zero, it can be touched by something that at first glance is intangible to become tangible and materially.

The world-renowned scientist and professor of nuclear physics at Harvard University, Mrs. Lene Vestegard Haw, has reduced the speed of light. And two thousand years ago, the Apostle Paul in Hebrews 11: 3 foretold “(…) By faith we understand that the worlds were created by the Word of God, so that the visible was not made of visible things.” Jesus Christ Himself says, “(…) I have many things to say to you, but if I tell you now, you can not bear them (…)”


06d97997d63b456a4d0a38fb8a84daabI understood this from experience when I fell into depression, and at the moment I received God’s peace, coming out of depression, I came into the so-called information flow. Reading the story of Nikola Tesla I realized that he had also entered many times in this stream and had drawn information from there to make his great discoveries. Many of his contemporaries considered him mad or possessed by demons, but I do not think so because I was there, and I want to warn those who are trying to artificially induce such a state not to do so.

The only thing I could say was, “- Mercy, Lord! Forgive me, I do not want any more!” By nature we are curious to learning, we want to know, but it is a game of fire. And as it is known, no fire should be given in the hands of babes. The Word warns in Philippians 3:16 “… Only let us have the rule to live according to what we have reached and to believe.”

People are impatient, we want everything now and immediately, but there is an order in the universe: we will be given a lot to know when it comes time and not a second before! Read the Prophet Jeremiah 33: 3: “Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will show you great and secret things you do not know.”

In conclusion I will say: read The Bible carefully, pray The Holy Spirit to lead you, and compare every received revelation with the written Word. I do not claim for myself that I have discovered or created any theory of Creation, but at least I did not find such information about the origin of all material world. However, the discovery of new theories or laws is purely a mere finding of existing facts that the Creator has set before the centuries for the good of creation. Our part is to grow up and learn to rely on them to be useful to ourselves, to our children and to future generations. Glorifying our Creator in humility and holiness!


Vladimir Mihaylov

07.07.2017 ”


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