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The Earth and Ecological Vandalism

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Global warming is largely due to the ice age of human morality


by George N. Chaldakov, MD, PHD

 Climate Change Effects Cropped

And rained on the earth forty days and forty nights.
Genesis 7: 12

Ex nihilo, ex materia, ex Deo or intelligent design, in the beginning there was only boundless and dark Chaos, from which arose Gaia in Greek, Terra in Roman mythology. Before known to be a sphere, it was thought the Earth is a flat matter carried on the backs of turtles (Turtles all the way down). A “blue ball” in galactic province of the Milky Way as photographed on 7 December 1972 by the astronauts of the “Apollo 17”.

British scientist James Lovelock, who in the early 1960’s worked for the Martian project of National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), has written five books on state-of-the-climate: Gaia. A New Look at Life on Earth (Oxford University Press, 1979), The Ages of Gaia (WW Norton, 1988), Gaia: the practical science of planetary medicine (Gaia Books, 1991), an autobiography, Homage to Gaia (Oxford University Press, 2000), and The Revenge of Gaia. Earth’s Climate Crisis and the Fate of Humanity (Allen Lane/Penguin 2006). Professor Lovelock is the founder of the Gaia Theory, describing the Earth as a self-regulating “vital organ”, a super-organism – atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and lithosphere living symbiotically “for the good of all”. Then it may be true that the “heart of the Earth is of gold,” as Nietzsche envisaged.

“The extent and speed with which things happen on the Earth are so large that we have to speak” – said James Lovelock. And warned about the coming environmental catastrophe – the progressive destruction of our “house” (Greek, oiκοs; respectively, ecology means “science of the house”, whereas economics – “laws of the house”).

Thousands of years ago a large part of the Earth was covered in ice. Onward, a “gentle” global warming by less than two degree of Celsius formed the pre-industrial profile of Earth – ice remains on the poles and snow caps in the high mountains. Now we are in an extreme stage of warming – the increasing disturbance of “house’s laws” by the excessive consumption of coal, oil and gas results in the production of trillions of tons of carbon dioxide (CO2)*, which as a sword of Damocles hanging over the heads of people, globally. The increasing flux of methane** also contributes to more ice loss from the PIG (Pine Island Glacier, the fastest melting glacier in Antarctica).

Global warming is largely a result of the current ice age of human morality characterized by extreme greed, arrogance and aggressiveness (GAA). More is written in “Glasiology of human behavior” (Latin, glacies – ice; Greek, logos – science). Because we do not counteract global warming, storms, hurricanes, tsunamis and floods kill thousands of people, houses and trees. If our ecological vandalism (environmental terrorism) is continuing, each year more billions of tons of carbon dioxide and methane will be produced – and at the end of the XXI century temperatures will rise by 4-5 degrees, which would mean a new era of Earth – ice homes of bears and seals will melt, oceans, seas and rivers will overflow. Because “the Earth was filled with violence” (Genesis 6: 11).

And will:

… See someday shocked
sad, overwhelmed, unprepared
the relentless flight of trees,
Silently killing chlorophyll –
the soul – of trees and flowers.
… Will looking for our guilt,
but later it might be.***

This is “The Warning” by the Bulgarian poet Hristo Fotev for anthropogenic nature of ecological vandalism – made long before Lovelock’s “we have to speak.” And a number of World Climate Conferences on climate change, so-called Conference of Parties (COP), starting in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro. The Paris Conference being COP21 held 30 November – 12 December 2015 attended by authorities of 195 countries who signed a “wishful”, not compulsory, agreement to save the Earth. Although Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and other global billionaires announced in Paris the foundation of Breakthrough Energy Coalition, the most controversial moments of an effective “cooling” of the planet remain still those GAA masked by diplomatic speeches: Which countries – the USA, China and other largest polluters – will absorb the largest part of a trillionth price for the creation of new energy sources with less accumulation of CO2 in the atmosphere? In fact, this is the war between greedy economics and damaged ecology. The chance COP21 to indeed lead to a doable peace seems to be small.

In another words: “I don’t think we are yet evolved to the point where we are clever enough to handle a complex a situation as climate change.” – said James Lovelock in Guardian interview in 2010. Here, “moral and” should be added before “clever”. Because without morality we are exposed to mortality.



* In October 2015 the finance ministers of the 20 countries in Africa, Asia and South America founded V20 (V, vulnerable). According to the Minister of Finance of the Philippines, if global warming is not adequately counteracted, the cost of natural disasters for V20 for 2030 will exceed 400 billion dollars.
Warming (deglaciation) has at present one know positive effect: an increase in the population of East Antarctic penguins, as reported by the Australian scientists Jane Younger, Louise Emmerson, Colin Southwell, Patrick Lelliott, Karen Miller (Proliferation of East Antarctic Adélie penguins in response to historical Deglaciation. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2015; 15: 236. DOI 10.1186/s12862-015-0502-2).

** Dr Atanas Skatov – the vegan who climbs the highest mountains’ peaks on the planet (www.atanasskatov.com) – knows more about the thermal effect of methane derived from breathing and digestion of cows and sheep.

*** In cell biology this is called point of no return – a condition from which no return to normal life is possible. In ecology that is global warming by less than two degree of Celsius!


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