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Влюбените сръбски тинейджъри, които избягаха от родителите си в град Ниш, са се представили на българските власти като “бежанци от Иран”. 17-годишният Момчило Петкович и 13-годишната Анджела Стойнева са преминали границата с България пеша. Веднага след това …

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След затварянето на стоковата борса в петък името Alphabet замени Google като компания, която ще бъде шапка на всички продукти от търсачката, пише Reuters.

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A man named Ali Muhammad Brown is charged with three counts of murder in Seattle, allegedly motivated by his desire to avenge attacks on Muslims by our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has also been prosecuted in the state courts of New Jersey on state terrorism charges—the first time such charges have ever been filed in New Jersey’s history. The charges there are based on a fourth murder that he committed—the murder of a teenager named Brendan Tevlin that had the same motivation as the Seattle murders. The maximum for this crime under the New Jersey statute is life imprisonment, whereas the federal statute carries the death penalty. But the Justice Department has declined to bring this prosecution. It’s utterly beyond understanding why the DOJ would yield to a state charge with a lesser penalty—unless, of course, one realizes that it would simply prefer not to discuss the matter.

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…живея между не и да,
между тоягата и моркова,
и моят вик за свобода
е гръм от тапата ви коркова.