2 thoughts on “Roger Waters supports the Anti-Government protests in Bulgaria

  1. AFP – Former Pink Floyd musician Roger Waters backed anti-government protests in Bulgaria over the past two-and-a-half months during his show „The Wall Live“ in Sofia late Friday.

    Red captions „No fucking way“ and „Ostavka“ in Cyrillic – which means resignation in Bulgarian – flashed upon Waters’ famous Wall during the performance of the song „Mother“, an AFP journalist reported.

    The slogans appeared right after Rogers sang the line „Mother, should I trust the government“ and were met with rounds of applause and shouts of „Ostavka“ by the crowd of over 40,000 people in Sofia’s national stadium.

    Thousands of Bulgarians have taken to the streets of the capital every evening since June 14 to protest against the three-month-old Socialists-backed cabinet of technocrats, which they see as corrupt and too easily swayed by shady business interests behind the scenes.

    The demonstrations subsided as parliament broke for its summer recess in August but are expected to resume when the legislature convenes again next Wednesday.

    Similar anti-poverty street rallies already brought down the previous conservative cabinet in the EU’s poorest country that also saw an unprecedented wave of despair- and protest-driven self-immolations where at least ten people set themselves on fire since February, seven of whom died.

    Roger Waters’ show had already drawn ire from Jewish groups worldwide for featuring a huge inflatable pig with a Star of David on it that was also seen in Sofia Friday night.

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