1 thought on “Dimitar Berbatov Leads Manchester United to 4-0 Win Against MLS All-Stars

  1. http://www.thesun.co.uk:
    Berbatov, 30, said: „You are not going to see me puffing around the pitch. There is a saying in Bulgaria that great quality doesn’t require much effort. I always play like this. That is what got me here. Last season was proof that even if you have some downs in your career, if you believe in the way you play, in your style of play, you can do it as well.“
    Berbatov says he likes to do ‘beautiful’ things for the United fans. So how would he want those supporters to remember him?
    He said: „As a good player, trying to do good things on the pitch. Doing things fans enjoyed.
    „I always tend to think my goals are beautiful goals. That is what I want to score – beautiful goals, and create beautiful chances for my team-mates. The things that every player will tell you.“
    “I am a very proud person,” said Berbatov. “I don’t like to show my weaknesses. I don’t want to show my emotions in public. That is why people probably sometimes misjudge me.”

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