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Yes, “IF”!

2020.12.14 Няма коментари
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If our policy has a strong moral and strategic foundation, it’s easy to be honest.”
Anna Pors, Washington Times

Yes, “IF“!

Unfortunately, The United States were wasting ALL chances to turn out to be a “strong moral and strategic base”. Here’s how it happened:

– The democratic USA government lied to the Bulgarian anti-communist opposition to oppose the Communist authorities, and without sacrifice left its leader – Nikola Petkov – hanged and thousands of prominent anti-communists die in the communist death camps in Belene, Lovech, Skravena;

– After the masquerade “November 10th, 1989ALL the USA governments purposefully:
— supported the Communists to preserve their political influence and cemented it by providing them with the total economic, judicial and media power;
— they clapped ALL of the token of prominent communists and red “families” with high scholarships from NATO and other American funds and foundations;
— they made their “democratic partners” their yesterday’s grave-diggers, willing to share the total robbery over Bulgaria, the Bulgarians and the Bulgarian people;
— they worked excellently with ambassadors – the most trusted faces of the Communist establishment, but turned their backs on all those who defended the former Christian – not today’s Western ones, American values;
— they shamelessly dismissed the fighters against Communist totalitarianism, such as Yanko Nikolov Yankov-Veljovsky – Prisoner №1of Bulgarian Communism according to Amnesty International (see iankov.blogspot.com);
— launched, incl. the legislature, the mongering (manafulness and pederasty), their ambassador – a barbarian with other Western ones – led the “pride” of the pederast, manaphys, lesbians and transgenders in Sofia;
— and so on, etc., etc. – the list can be extended and specified, but the above is enough for smart – the mentally inadequate is meaningless to explain the obvious.

Why, however, does The Constitutional Republic of the United States lose its moral authority in the eyes, mind, and soul of the Bulgarian for only a quarter of a century? Qui bono !? Whose favor?

In any case, not the American People – the world’s only demos, i.e. “armed people” (under the Second Amendment to the Constitution) – the American People is also among the losers, and the former “democratic” government has stubbornly sought to deprive him of the right to own personal weapons of self-defense from criminals – when they are in the very state power.

Earn Money – Transnational corporations and bankers. For a few hundred billion – not even a trillion – shared and shared with the selling Bulgarian neo-Nazi Communist Nomenclature. Not all, but only the most subtle, the most perverse, the most vile part of it – destroyed even its only creative ingredient – the economic Nomenclature. In order not to disturb their demise robbery … Money does not smell …

Fortunately, on January 20, 2017, the helm of power in the United States was taken over by a president who openly and categorically declared his commitment to the original Christian values ​​rejected by his predecessors. Immediately his neoliberal, de facto neo-communist, enemies launched a frantic campaign against his measures to make America great again. They didn’t even stop at an impeachment attempt. Thank God, President Trump has proved to be a man of unwavering will in upholding eternal Christian values.

Yes, IF President Trump succeeds in making America great again, with a solid moral and strategic base, it will be easy for Americans to be honest!


Nikolay Goussev


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