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[7 сеп. 2020 | No Comment | ]

Invisible but watching,
He can’t be seen or heard,
With rapidly approaching
Immunity of the herd.

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[11 авг. 2020 | No Comment | ]

Recommendations have been made towards improving the training of the medical, military and management personnel for reliable protection of the population against disasters, accidents and catastrophes, nuclear, chemical and biological protection and…

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[30 юли 2020 | No Comment | ]

Thousands of people have taken to the streets across Bulgaria in recent weeks. Their compatriots abroad have been assembling outside the country’s embassies. Online, thousands more have signed petitions demanding the resignation of chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev and the government led by the prime minister, Boyko Borisov.

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[21 юли 2020 | No Comment | ]

Oh, English Language, your glory’s in the past,
The pages you produce today won’t last.
You favour lenders, dodgy politicians;
You’re now the tongue of business and ambition.

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[2 юли 2020 | No Comment | ]

for the continuation of the “Mechanism for Cooperation and Verification of Justice and Home Affairs” implemented by the European Commission in relation to the Republic of Bulgaria

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[11 юни 2020 | No Comment | ]

Thousands of people in Sweden are inserting tiny microchips under their skin — making their lives much easier as they no longer have to carry IDs, gym passes, and keycards to get into work.
About 3,000 Swedes have inserted the tiny chips into their bodies over the past three years.
The electronic tags are about the size of a grain of rice and are implanted in the back of the hand via a syringe.

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[30 май 2020 | No Comment | ]

And all who cast their eyes on you
They will forever cry
That in your shade and in your dew
They can not sweetly die.

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[22 май 2020 | No Comment | ]

We call for a full and independent investigation into the accusation against Dessislava Ivancheva and Biliana Petrova in requesting and taking a bribe. The independent mayor of Mladost District in Sofia and her deputy were brutally arrested in April 2018 with money thrown into their official car with a number of violations of their human rights during an eight hours arrest. Ivancheva and Petrova have experienced horrific twenty-five months of lies, manipulations, humiliations, threats, and deterioration of their health…

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[20 май 2020 | No Comment | ]

This is a project of “Bulgaria SEGA” Newspaper” (Chicago) & Romanova Entertainment with the participation of famous Bulgarian singers and actors and plenty of humor. Duration – 90 mins.

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[12 май 2020 | No Comment | ]

Dear members and friends, at the St. Ivan Rilski Church in Chicago, due to the global pandemic, the church was deprived of its presence, of our regular believers. Our church has severe burdensome problems with banks that want to take away our building which is an illegal act neither ours nor your fault. To save our beloved church we need your financial support as needed for the maintenance of the temple, as well as for the forthcoming lawsuits in attempts of saving the temple…

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[22 апр. 2020 | No Comment | ]

Illinois benefited from a strong start to the 2020 housing market and that momentum continued in March with solid gains in home sales and median prices, even as COVID-19 began to have a greater impact on the overall economy…