1 thought on “Bulgaria to Introduce Flat 9% VAT in Tourism April 2011

  1. Bulgaria to Promote Own Tourism to Bulgarians
    Bulgarian Economy Ministry is launching a new national tourism campaign in December, which aims to convince Bulgarians to spend their vacation in their native country.

    On Tuesday, the ministry announced that the campaign will be presented by TV channels, radios, print editions and popular websites. There will also be ads in the centers of the cities and on key roads.

    Deputy Economy Minister, Ivo Marinov, has explained that the campaign will be financed under the EU program „Regional Development.“ So far, contracts for about BGN 2,1 M have been signed.

    The tourism advertising campaign will be organized by the consortium „Pro Event Business Group Partners 3,“ which consists of the advertising agencies Ogilvy, Reforma Advertising, Metropolis Outdoor Media Group and 24/7 Entertainment.

    The promotional events will be organized by the advertising agency Publicis Bulgaria.

    According to the projects, advertising clips are supposed to start airing on the Bulgarian National Television, on the private TV channels bTV and Nova TV and on the cable TV channels Diema, Diema 2 and Diema Family.

    The ad will also be air on the Bulgarian National Radio and on Darik Radio and will be available in 11 websites.

    The campaign will also feature 70 spots, 40 publications in print media and 80 billboards, located in the central parts of the five largest cities in Bulgaria, on the Trakiya and Hemus Highways and on key roads.

    Journalistic tours, press conferences and discussions on the Bulgarian tourism will also be organized as part of the campaign. An event calendar will be published on the Internet, where people will be able to upload pictures and information about unpopular tourist events around the country.

    The goal of the project is to reach two million TV audience, two million radio audience, 200,000 people from press publications and two million from Internet ads.

    Besides summer and winter, the campaign will also promote alternative forms of tourism, like spa, cultural, educational, rural and eco tourism.

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