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[12 окт. 2015 | No Comment | ]

On either side of Clinton, the highest-polling candidate, are Bernie Sanders (to Clinton’s right) and Martin O’Malley (to her left). Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee, the fourth- and fifth-placing candidates, bookend the stage.

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Jake Arrieta delivered as expected in the Chicago Cubs wildcard game at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, with a few bailouts from the infield, and shut out the Pirates as Cubs’ batters put up four runs. Now the Cubs head to the division series to face the St. Louis Cardinals on Friday.
Back home in Chicago, revelers packed the Wrigleyville bars and began pouring into the streets to celebrate after the final out.

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On March 5, 2015, more than 100 of the globe’s richest and most powerful corporations signed a doctrinal statement that formally placed them in direct opposition to much of the world’s major religions.
Among those to codify this global corporate position on faith and morals were:

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[3 окт. 2015 | No Comment | ]

A man named Ali Muhammad Brown is charged with three counts of murder in Seattle, allegedly motivated by his desire to avenge attacks on Muslims by our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has also been prosecuted in the state courts of New Jersey on state terrorism charges—the first time such charges have ever been filed in New Jersey’s history. The charges there are based on a fourth murder that he committed—the murder of a teenager named Brendan Tevlin that had the same motivation as the Seattle murders. The maximum for this crime under the New Jersey statute is life imprisonment, whereas the federal statute carries the death penalty. But the Justice Department has declined to bring this prosecution. It’s utterly beyond understanding why the DOJ would yield to a state charge with a lesser penalty—unless, of course, one realizes that it would simply prefer not to discuss the matter.

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[30 сеп. 2015 | No Comment | ]

Putin talks about Nuclear Nato warheads in Germany. Putin says “We Know Who and Where, When, Who Exactly Met with Someone and worked with those that ousted Yanukovch, how they were supported, how much they were paid, how they were trained, where, in what countries and who those instructors were, we know everything!”
Putin also said it’s up for the people of Syria to decide who leader is. Putin and Charlie Rose both acknowledge some of the rebel forces to Assad are terrorist organisations even by the United States.

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[25 сеп. 2015 | No Comment | ]

The mules tied with a rope are placed precisely midway between two stacks of hay – the same in size and quality. Further, the Tale clearly demonstrates that cooperation is better than conflict. When each mule tries alone to reach a stack of hay, the two mules remain hungry, both lose (lose-lose solution). When they sit and ponder together – without anyone imposing their decision upon them – they in tandem reach first one, then another stack of hay and thus feed well. In effect, the two mules earn (win-win solution).

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1. He who learns, he will succeed. – a Bulgarian proverb.
2. Forward! Science is a sun / which lightening in our souls!* – not only on 24 May, the National Day of Cyrillic alphabets and Culture, but continuously throughout life (CME – continuing medical education; LEE – live educational events; LLP – lifelong learning program, also – laboratory, library, pub).
3. Knowledge and way of thinking, not information and reproduction, are the main goal of education.

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If you think you can make time to learn online, be more global in perception and thought, then learning a foreign language with Institute of Cyrillic Languages is for you!
If you are foreigner looking to learn Bulgarian, for business or pleasure.

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What kind of job? What are the skills required? How much does it pay for how many hours? Does it provide more security or less? What are the benefits it offers? Is the job really necessary? Does the job provide meaning to those tasked with it? Are jobs and work the same thing? Is there work to do that’s more important than what the job involves? Is working in the job actually better than not working at all?”

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From ancient Greece, when Plato wrote his book Symposium, everything is sympotein (drink together) – banquet, cocktail, get together party, liquid discussion. Plato’s Symposium in Athens gathers philosophers who discussed the nature of knowledge and love, they eat and drink wine – sometimes only drink. During that time, in an ancient Greek custom, the Symposiarch (“Chairman” of symposium) diluted wine. If the talks are serious, pour some more water, generally preparing three “crater” – the first for health, the second for pleasure, the third for sleep, more than three crater lead to bad behavior. And Symposiarch is not responsible for that.

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In an interview entitled “The crisis, the failure of liberalism and the future of Europe” (Geopolitics, January 2014), the famous French philosopher, politician and writer Alain de Benoist says: “The marriage institution is designed to connect men and women with purpose of reproduction of human being … I think the classic marriage should include only heterosexual couples. Homosexual marriages will create a number of problems, including those related to adoption, artificial reproduction, kinship, etc. But when I mention anthropological change, I mean the spread of gender theory that emerged in America and trying to call into question the very existence of different sexes. According to this view, if a person was born male or female, has no influence on sexual behavior and the human being at birth is “neutral”…