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[18 сеп. 2009 | 2 коментара | ]

In Buffalo Grove (IL), police, firefighters and paramedics responded to a accident around 2:45 pm when three school busеs of Twin Groves Middle School crashed on Buffalo Grove Rd just north of Deerfield Rd. Right now, all Buffalo Grove Rd traffic is being detoured between Larraway Dr. and Deerfield Rd. There is a possibility of some minor injuries. All three buses were full.

Photos: D. Stamatova (www.Eurochicago.com)

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[17 авг. 2009 | No Comment | ]

Bulgarian archeologists have found a unique golden wreath in an unnamed mound near the South-East village of Krushare, Sliven District.

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[12 авг. 2009 | No Comment | ]

Archaeologists found 7500 fragments of frescos during excavations in the church of a monastery complex in the Karaach Tepe area near Bulgaria’s Black Sea town of Varna, BalkanTravellers said.

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[7 авг. 2009 | No Comment | ]

The Bulgarian-American Fulbright committee for education exchange launches for the 8th time the International Fulbright Summer Institute in the town of Tryavna, Central Bulgaria.

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[5 авг. 2009 | No Comment | ]

Figuring out the shortest possible chess game is easy: we’re all familiar with the Fool’s Mate, a checkmate by Black that comes after just two moves (1. f3 e5 2. g4 Qh4# being the basic idea). See also here. Much more interesting are questions about the longest chess games played.
If you’ve been playing tournament chess for a while, chances are that you’ve broken the 100-move barrier at least once, and many have probably played games much longer than that (I personally know I’ve played a game of over 130 moves, …

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[4 юни 2009 | No Comment | ]

The SPJ Code of Ethics is a statement of abiding principles supported by explanations and position papers that address changing journalistic practices. It is not a set of rules, rather a guide that encourages all who engage in journalism to take responsibility for the information they provide, regardless of …