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Quo vadis Homo Sapiens?

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Or what is seen through Overton Window?


by Dr George Chaldakov

Illustration: men4menmagazine.com

Illustration: Men4menmagazine.com

I call them provocations, namely transgression (SMO, sexually modified organisms), officially known as the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender), although the spectrum of SMO is much larger. Homosexuals are perhaps the most prominent manifestation of biological intolerance of difference (heterophobia): L not tolerate men, love women, G do not tolerate women, love men (for scientific data about human’s sexual orientation, see 1, 2). Then, who are intolerant of difference – heterophobes or homophobes?

Whatever they are called, they, as an ideology and politics, are manifestations of bioliberalism and its new product – transhumanism. Although acting more aggressively and globally over the past 15-20 years, the doctrine of transhumanism was introduced in 1957 by the British evolutionary biologist Julian Huxley, the same eugenist, who was Director General (1946-1948) of UNESCO. While eugenics, named by Francis Galton in 1883, used primitive methods such as sterilization (up to 1976 in some Western countries), transhumanism advocates “improvement”, in fact, robotisation of the human body and psyche applying modern scientific achievements of bio- and nanotechnology, and supercomputers (3).

The goal of transhumanism, also termed posthumanism, is eugenistic in essence – the production of an elite person (Human+, H+). Behind this facade lies a growing transgression (exiting beyond any tolerable) that Western politicians and intellectuals as well as Bulgarian NGO and political parties want to bring into our patriarchal, Orthodox country.

Intervention in the biological nature of plants (GMO, genetically modified organisms) and human (SMO) reached dangerous proportions in their externalization to the society: gay parades (in Sofia too, supported by Western ambassadors), gay mayors, gay ministers, legalization of same-sex marriages, including in the US army… And gay morality and moral relativism which preaches tolerance* to “the third sex”, same-sex marriages and adoption of children by same-sex families, where the sacred words “mother“ and “father“ are replaced by “parents”. Liberal hypocrisy, which extrapolate the idea of pluralism in a society of absolute freedom, the Italian writer and philosopher Umberto Eco diagnosed as “purposeless bulimia” and “orgy of desires”.

In an interview entitled “The crisis, the failure of liberalism and the future of Europe” (Geopolitics, January 2014), the famous French philosopher, politician and writer Alain de Benoist says: “The marriage institution is designed to connect men and women with purpose of reproduction of human being … I think the classic marriage should include only heterosexual couples. Homosexual marriages will create a number of problems, including those related to adoption, artificial reproduction, kinship, etc. But when I mention anthropological change, I mean the spread of gender theory that emerged in America and trying to call into question the very existence of different sexes. According to this view, if a person was born male or female, has no influence on sexual behavior and the human being at birth is “neutral” … So the term “sex” (which has only two) is replaced by “gender” (which may be many). This gender theory (or rather ideology) is a continuation of liberal ideology based on individual rights and considers the society as a simple sum of the individual atoms, seeking to enact and transform as normal all the whimsy and desires of individuals.** Social liberalism cannot be separated from the political and economic. These three liberalisms are based on the same logic and represent different faces of the same doctrine.”

To this liberal triad I add the biological liberalism that leads to global biosocial crisis like the economic liberalism causes global financial crisis. In his article “Yes, the end of the world has already come” Alain de Benoist writes of “the anthropological transformations, such as same-sex marriage legalized in France and other posthumanistic practices that, in effect, discredit the human nature itself and are among the imperatives of neoliberalism.” Naively, I term the latter superliberalism (for scientific view on liberalism, superliberalism and communitarianism, see articles and books by the Brazilian philosopher and politician Roberto Unger, the former “minister of ideas” of Brazil).

For the achievement of these superliberal purposes are used a lot of sophisticated propaganda tools. One of them being described as “Overton Window” after its discoverer and analyst, the American sociologist Joseph Overton (1960-2003). The Overton Window is a political theory that describes the range of ideas the public will accept. The opening of the Window aims at checking the probability of acceptance of an idea in a spectrum from “less free” to “more free”. Through the Window are seen how “unthinkable” for society ideas after chain manipulative techniques reach the stage of “current policy” which is discussed in a “democratic” way, and subsequently converted into law. (A sort of brainwashing, reframing, NLP – neuro-linguistic programming.) This can break the moral backbone of society and thus the normal becomes inverse, contrary to traditional biosocial and cultural values. This is why the bioconservative scientist Francis Fukuyama defined transhumanism as “the most dangerous idea in the world”.

Today, through Overton Window I am seeing that Pandora’s box is open for advancing global biosocial chaos. And ask Quo vadis Homo sapiens? Yet, in the box remains the hope for the recovery of traditional cultural and religious values.

“And all the rabies besought him, saying, if we expelled allow us to go into the herd of swine. And He said unto them, go. And they went out and went to herd of swine. And the whole herd is run into the sea and drowned in the water.” (Matthew 8: 31, 32).


1. Swaab DF, Zhou J-N, Fodor M, Hofman MA. Sexual differentiation of the human brain. Biomed Rev 1997; 7: 17-32.

2. Abe C, Johansson E, Allzen E, Savic I. Sexual orientation related differences in cortical thickness in male individuals. PLoS One 2014; 9: e114721. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0114721.

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* “Too much tolerastia (a paralogue of pederastia)! The best way to destroy a country is to make it tolerant to all, not only with normality.” – Anthony wrote on 4 April, 2014 in comments on gay marriage in an electronic edition.

** In his book The Curtain Milan Kundera describes how a boy make a walk with blind grandmother along a street, and the boy told her “Grandma, look, root!” Thinking that go along forest paths, grandmother began to bounce. “Boy, why treat so your grandmother!” And he replied: “Grandma is mine! I am treating her as I want!”
Another example of such a vulgar individualism is that some extreme human rights watchers in USA and UK advocate the deletion of the word “black”, for example, saying “coffee without milk” instead of “black coffee”. Yet, protected “By appointment to Her Majesty the Queen” BLACK LABEL is no changed to DARK LABEL in the Scotch Whisky Johnnie Walker.

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