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Miss USA 2009

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How do you imagine the winner in a beauty pageant? Spectacular looks, long legs, beautiful eyes… But how smart is she and what do you expect of her intellectual capabilities?

Even my daughter, after half-heartedly entering a contest for 10-year-old models two years ago and ended up winning it, had this to say:
“Dad, why didn’t you warn me that today I will be taking part in this big children’s event? The other kids had drawn pictures, written poems, decorated their homes and for their work they received painting supplies and books and all I got was just a crown with some fake diamonds.”
“Yes, but you got invited to a model agency,” countered her mother.
“I don’t want to be a model – only people that cannot do anything else become models.”
With this argument, she crushed us and we did not insist on her modeling anymore. We placed the useless crown in a box with her old toys in the garage and forgot about it. Until the end of 2008, when we got acquainted with the girl who had just won the title of Miss Utah USA. She is a tall girl standing at almost 5’10” with beautiful brown eyes but most importantly she is very intelligent and kind. I wondered how God could combine so much smarts and beauty in the same person, while my daughter basically fell in love with her.
Miss Utah USA Laura Chukanov knows four languages – English, Bulgarian, Spanish and Russian. She is a student at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. This year she will graduate with a major in International Studies and minors in Leadership Studies and Art History. Just recently she was a director for the Big Heart Humanitarian program, which finds sponsors for capable children in poor families in Guatemala, and she has traveled there to visit those very kids. She has also volunteered at a Navajo Reservation, raised money for charity and taken part in a lot more similar good deeds and activities.
Laura is a spectacular young woman with very high goals.
It couldn’t be any other way, as she has inherited the brains of her exceptional parents – Angelina and Kiril Chukanov. If you google the name Chukanov you will find out that he is an inventor from Bulgaria, who due to a prediction of the nearing fall of communism in one of his books, lost his job and barely avoided jail time. Every night he was called in by the police and questioned. He barely waited until the fall of the Berlin Wall and in 1990 left his home country with his young daughter to seek recognition in the West. He brought along a concept for an incredible invention that would terrify most scientists. Dr. Kiril Chukanov touches on the Holy Grail of physics – the fundamental law of conservation of energy. He is the first to achieve what the genius Nikola Tesla could only dream about – he has created ball lightning that gives off energy for days at a time. After long research, hundreds of experiments, and many years of hard work, the final stage – industrial implementation – is imminent, so that the energy from the ball lightning can be harvested for electricity and heat. This revolutionary discovery could  render coal, gasoline, and nuclear fuel practically obsolete. For more information on ball lightning and Dr. Chukanov, click on the link below:
But let’s get back to Laura.

Laura with her mom

Judging by the opinions around the blogs and forums online, Miss Utah has every chance to become Miss USA. Readers are giving her a large advantage over the competition for the coveted crown. Laura will change the notion of a beautiful girl by combining the American hard work and charity with the Eastern emotionality and beauty. We believe in you Laura.
In conclusion, I would just like to add that after getting acquainted with Miss Utah, my daughter looked for her crown with fake diamonds that she once found useless.

Paul Petroff (www.EuroChicago.com)

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