1 thought on “NATO Summit Kicks Out in Lisbon

  1. Good Outlook of Russia-NATO Shield Deal at Summit
    Chances are high that Russia and NATO will reach agreement on joint missile defense during the NATO summit starting in Lisbon Friday.

    „Given political will the idea of joint military defense will be carried out,“ said Russian presidential aide Sergei Prikhodko before the start of the meeting. adding „I believe the idea is simple and feasible.“

    The so-called missile shield was initially a US idea and raised the scepticism of Russia, which saw it as potentially directed towards it.

    But in light of recent developments and a general warming up of realtions, Russia and NATO have started to talk about a joint shield.

    Among the countries recently speculated to host facilities from the missile defense system are Bulgaria and neighboring Turkey.
    november 19 2010,novinite.com

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